Infographic: 10 Facts about tourism in Lapland 2021

Though Covid-19 interrupted the growth of tourism in Lapland, a record was broken during 2021. Domestic traveling reached its best yet with 1.8 million registered overnight stays. In December, the total number of registered overnights was the second-highest in the last ten years. Growth in total overnight stays was +14 % compared to the previous year.

In 2021, the market share of Lapland, in considering all Finnish overnight stays, decreased 0.9 %-units ending to a level of 13.4 %. Also, sales revenue per available room (RevPar) decreased from 46.0 € to 41.10 € (-11%) but remains still above the average of Finland (39.30 €). Accommodation sales increased to 126.8 million euros (+2 %) compared to the year 2020.

In registered overnight stays, the international stays have been higher than domestic the last three years before Covid-19, but the turn that took place in 2020 continued so that in 2021, 76 % out of total 2.3 million stays were registered for domestic travelers.

Middle-sized destinations, such as Pyhä-Luosto, Salla and Enontekiö saw growth of 25 % or even more. Signs of recovery are also visible in other areas, as the numbers of registered overnight stays were better than the previous year.

Pandemic affected still to international traveling in 2021. In the end, the total results of 2021 do not reach the level of the previous year because of the growth that was still happening in 2020 January and February. Also, the market shares in international registered overnights look quite different this year as the previously fastest-growing market, China, is not in the top six. 89 % of international overnight stays were registered to European travelers.

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