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Pyhätunturi offers opportunities for new tourism operators

The growing tourism industry in Pyhätunturi offers new business opportunities.  

Pyhä is reached easily by air through Rovaniemi and Kuusamo airports, and the nearest railway station is at nearby Kemijärvi. 

Pyhä is popular among different target groups and there were registered over 104 000 overnight stays in 2018. The growth rate from 2016 to 2018 can be measured in double digits. Pyhä is part of the bigger Pyhä-Luosto tourist region and the area is investing in tourism development and internationalization.  

Already existing accommodation and tourism activities provide a ready cooperation option for an investor. Also, besides the ski resort, the Pyhä-Luosto National Park is a significant attraction. Now the area is looking for new investors and tourism operators.

A new hotel or a service point to Pyhätunturi’s center 

Right at the base of Pyhätunturi, in the vicinity of ski slopes and national park, the municipality of Pelkosenniemi has two landscape plots for sale. The plots are suitable for accommodation, wellness services or other service point buildings. 

The area has been zoned and the building permits are for 10 000m2 and 5 700m2. 

Create program and restaurant services or an igloo village to Kuusiranta 

By the Pyhäjärvi lake, 7 kilometers from Pyhä tourist resort, is an excellent spot to develop, for example, a place Northern Lights tourism. Kuusiranta is looking for a new owner 

A 208m2 restaurant building is located on the plot, together with a sauna for 20 person and a hut for 40 person. The building permit has 900m2 left to build, so it provides a possibility for further development, for example building igloos or northern lights huts.


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