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Industrial sector from unique conditions blossoms

Industrial sector

The know-how rising from unique conditions as well as significant natural resources are the growth base for Lapland’s industrial sectors.

Sustainability is a key value and businesses in Lapland are accustomed to using resources efficiently. Lapland’s committed workforce is valued, and as logistics works, the whole world is just around the corner in Lapland.

Industry is a notable part of Lapland’s business life, since every fourth job is in the sector which generates more than EUR 7 billion in turnover.

Arctic angle to industrial know-how.

Perseverance Lapland-style – Norrhydro is a shining example of the industrial expertise of the North
There are notable industrial companies and extensive expertise to be found in Lapland.
Arctic know-how increases competitiveness
For Tapojärvi Oy, the location in Lapland brings credibility, if the solution works in Lapland, it will work elsewhere as well
Potma’s invention helps reduce emissions from cruisers
Good logistics and location by the border are advantages, top-class living environment supports staff recruitments.
Billion-euro forest industry investments in Lapland lead the sector
Major investments make sure that the forest industry will continue to spearhead Lapland's bioeconomy in the future.
The Arctic environment enables new bioeconomy industries
An entire bioeconomy ecosystem is emerging around the planned bioproduct mills in Lapland.
From a small furniture shop in Lapland to a national operator
A furniture store Veke from Ranua grows tremendously and dreams about internationality but doesn't forget its origin.
Sodankylä is preparing a center serving the mining industry
Sodankylä wants to be the forerunner of sustainable mining
Pentik surrounds people with a breath of northern beauty
Pentik’s success has required a suitable combination of creative madness, boldness and know-how.
Unique innovative log product from Lapland responds to growing wood construction trend
Nordic wood is a strong and resilient building material. Logs are mostly used in the construction of detached houses, but they can also be used to build hotels and schools.