Viimeiset (The Last Ones)

About the production

By: Director Veiko Õunpuu | Homeless Bob Production, Bufo & PRPL Year: 2020

The Last Ones is directed by acclaimed Estonian director Veiko Õunpuu , written by Heikki Huttu-HiltunenEero Tammi and Õunpuu, and produced by Estonian Homeless Bob Production, Finnish Bufo and Dutch PRPL. The cast includes Estonian Pääru Oja and famous Finnish actors Tommi KorpelaLaura BirnElmer BäckSulevi PeltolaJarkko Lahti and Samuli Edelmann. The production wrapped filming in the end of September 2017, and the film is set to premiere in the fall of 2020.

The Last Ones is set in a small mining village, filled with tensions between local reindeer herders and miners. As the film raises questions about the use and worth of the Arctic lands, the story also tackles romantic conflicts and northern melancholy with a touch of dark humor.

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Viimeiset - The Last Ones