Winter Lake


Conveniently located near an int’l airport and a top tourism destination, Inari in winter is a perfect film location for anyone seeking a vast, frozen lake.

As winter settles over northern Lapland like a white blanket, the country’s 3rd largest lake freezes. Called the Sámi Sea, Lake Inari is massive, with more than 3000 km of shoreline and thousands of islands, great and small. Used since time immemorial as a travel route, it’s common to see reindeer-pulled sleighs and snowmobiles traversing the lake, traveling from village to village. Ice fishing and skiing are also common traditional activities on the frozen lake.

From certain angles, the vastness of the snowy lake resembles the Arctic Sea. From others, there are winter-kissed forests crowding the shoreline. Behind them, gentle fells rise up in the distance. For about a month around the solstice, Polar Night combines with the snow to create stunning colorful landscapes from horizon to horizon. After polar night, the crisp winter weather and heavy snow cover create the most perfect winter film location one could ask for.

Winter in Inari lasts for 6-7 months and offers both heavy snowfall and stable winter conditions for a long period of time.