Gold Panning


This gold village is a great filming location for productions seeking historic & contemporary gold panning & culture in authentic Arctic surroundings.

Lapland has a rich history with gold panning, and the region was taken over by several gold rushes in the 19th and 20th centuries. The tradition of gold panning is still alive and well, especially in Tankavaara Gold Village in northern Sodankylä.

The Tankavaara area, located right by the Urho Kekkonen National Park, is the go-to place for all things gold in Lapland. At the Gold Museum, you can learn about the history of gold panning in Lapland as well as the gold history of the world, and the premises feature authentic huts housed by panners in the past. The Tankavaara Gold Village offers gold experiences, as well as accommodation and restaurant services. Gold panning can be practiced at the Gold Museum and the Gold Village, and both locations are happy to assist productions with gold panning props and artefacts.

The national championships of gold panning are held in Tankavaara every summer, and the the world championships have taken place there several times.