Arctic Homestead


Tarkkala Homestead in Savukoski provides filmmakers with a historic and authentic backdrop, showcasing traditional Finnish living and nature.

Tarkkala Homestead, nestled in Savukoski, stands as a testament to resilience and history, having survived the ravages of the Lapland War. Established in the late 19th century, this cultural and historical gem exemplifies traditional Finnish homestead living. Despite its remote location, Tarkkala’s rich logging and reindeer herding paths connect it to a vibrant past where it served as a crucial hub for workers and travelers alike.

Restored meticulously between 2004-2006 by the municipality of Savukoski, Tarkkala Homestead offers filmmakers an authentic glimpse into life a century ago. The estate, featuring a traditional northern courtyard, main residence, barn, and a collection of preserved outbuildings including a smoke sauna and storerooms, provides a versatile backdrop perfect for storytelling.

Accessibility is straightforward, ensuring smooth logistics for crews. Tarkkala’s preservation and experts from the Lapland Provincial Museum underscore its educational and experiential value. For filmmakers seeking a location rich in narrative depth, historical authenticity, and natural beauty, Tarkkala Homestead presents an unparalleled opportunity.

Note: there is no electricity at Tarkkala. Productions must provide their own generators or batteries, as necessary.