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Lapland University of Applied Sciences - Arctic Vitality!

I am a seeker and a dreamer. I am a finder and a maker. I am a secret and a shadow. I am an answer and knowledge.

Lapland University of Applied Sciences (LaplandUAS) is the situated in Arctic Finland. Due to that, LaplandUAS refines expertise and vitality from the strengths and opportunities of a changing operating environment to meet the needs of northern people and organizations. With the areas of emphasis, LaplandUAS  is a pioneer in arctic research and development and an internationally recognized educator, developer and partner.

Lapland UAS was established in 2014 when the functions of Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences and Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences merged to form Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

The University of Applied Sciences has four fields of expertise:

  • Social Services, Health and Sports, with administrative headquarters in Rovaniemi
  • Business and culture, with administrative headquarters in Tornio
  • Travel and tourism, with administrative headquarters in Rovaniemi
  • Industry and natural resources, with administrative headquarters in Kemi

Each field of Arctic expertise includes several educational and research areas with which LaplandUAS carries out their mission to provide vocational oriented university education and to conduct Arctic research and development as well as innovation work that especially serves Lapland. The profile of LaplandUAS is knowledge or the arctic environment. Knowledge of the Arctic environment refers to comprehensive management and utilization of the conditions. Operating in Arctic conditions and utilizing the conditions is at the core of the profile of Lapland UAS.

Success and wellbeing in the Arctic environment requires multidisciplinary expertise and a solution-oriented and open operating culture. Community spirit, an open atmosphere, efficiency and hospitality are some of the local strengths. There is an increasing demand for the know-how, education, research and development produced in Lapland due to the global interest that has turned towards the Arctic region.

Measurement, analysis, research, product development and other development tasks intended for arctic business life are carried out in the University of Applied Sciences’ learning and development environments. The development environments and the research teams working in them, together with local and international actors, act as pioneers in the utilization of the Northern operating environment.

Development projects, environments and networks are particularly focused on knowledge of the Arctic environment. Lapland University of Applied Sciences is interested in finding new cooperation or partners to tackle problems in Arctic area. The emphasis of our strategy is in Safety and security knowledge, Managing distances, Smart use of natural resources and Arctic co-operation and cross-border expertise as well as in Service business and entrepreneurship.

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Founded 2014
Industry Education and research
Employees 470
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