Unique platform for testing in Arctic conditions
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Unique platform for testing in Arctic conditions

Arctic Power – Arctic Excellence

Arctic Power gives you access to a unique experimental platform with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for technology development, testing, training and demonstration of technologies within ICT based systems. Arctic Power has know how for testing in the Arctic conditions.

Indoor and outdoor real-life experiments

The facilities range from applied research and test laboratories to outdoor testing facilities, the data can be combined with indoor and outdoor real-life experiments.

The facilities are linked together with in-house data base or Cloud Services (for ex. Bluemix, Azure), systems are developed systematically to meet future needs and easy configuration on different applications. A variety of international standards are met, including IEC, CENELEC, IEEE and others.

Smart living environment

Arctic Power specializes in the intelligent integration and interaction of smart energy, smart building and IOT-technologies. Their competent specialists are able to assist you to develop IOT/Cloud based systems in Smart Living Environment designing, testing and demonstrating smart systems to gather real-life data and analyzing it to meet customer needs.

Testing in the Arctic conditions

With Arctic Power’s climate rooms (two independent or combined together) different kind of ICT systems, mechanical and civil engineering systems, clothes, automotive systems or similar are tested in various conditions such as up to -50 – + 70 deg Celcius temperatures, humidity conditions, freezing rain, wind, chassis dynamometer, thermal imaging combined with the sophisticated sensors and data acquisition system.

Specialized test support:

The specialized Arctic Power facilities are able to assist you analyzing and testing embedded system in harsh environment. The laboratory is especially developed to test customized systems to meet customer needs.

Cooperation and support:

Arctic Power is happy to cooperate with industrial product developers, component producers, system operators as well as other test laboratories and research institutions and is offering laboratory support in all stages of the development process.

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