Low cost virtual studios for creative SMEs
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Low cost virtual studios for creative SMEs

SmartSet is a low cost virtual studio in the Arctic, more precisely in Finland located at Lapland UAS’ Tornio campus and at JoulupukkiTV in Rovaniemi. Despite being ten times less than the cost of comparable solutions on the market, it has the same quality and functionality of high cost solutions currently used by larger broadcast media companies.

In this sense, the SmartSet concept is a “game-changer” and will provide creative industries SMEs with the capability to compete with the big broadcast media players in the market.

Lapland UAS provides cost-effective SmartSet-video production services to local enterprises, municipalities, educational institutes, RDI projects etc. Video productions can vary from advertisement videos to visual presentations and corporate communications f.e. security videos etc. SmartSet-technology enables also a professional quality but low-cost live virtual studio streaming via popular streaming services such as Youtube Live.

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