Increasing creative Arctic business
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Increasing creative Arctic business

This project is increasing creative Arctic business in the five arctic regions as well as the connections and collaboration across Europe’s Northern Edge.

The objectives are to:

  • Connect creative entrepreneurs regionally & transnationally in the arctic area in order to find new business opportunities
  • Offer free showrooms such as websites where participants can create profiles to introduce their work
  • Innovate new creative products/services through collaboration
  • Increase creative & business skills and gather intelligence to increase understanding
  • Offer support for creative & cultural sector workers

Project is supporting creative companies in different ways, for example:

  • Trade Fair support for selected creative companies
  • Creative Hotspots; supporting companies to network with each other at selected Hotspot-events (for ex. Arctic Design Week).
  • Video Pitching Toolkit and support for companies to create their own Videopitch.
  • Creative Steps 2.0, which is an innovation concept for creative companies to develop common products and services. Process offers support tools for companies. The aim is to help companies in developing joint products/services.
  • Creative2Creative Matching – which is a peer-mentoring process where international peers will connect with each other via online.

More info about project

Project website

3 years | 2015-2018, Total budget | €2m

Co-funded by EU Interreg Northern Periphery & Arctic (NPA) Programme


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