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Lappset Group Oy

Lappset Group Oy is a family-owned private company established in 1970 in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland.

Today, Lappset Group is one of the leading companies in their field of business in Europe. They design, manufacture and install playground equipment in Arctic conditions for children, sport and exercise equipment for all ages as well as a wide collection of park and street furniture for public spaces. Today, Lappset Group provides playful fun and fitness experiences through their solutions to the indoors and outdoors to millions of people in more than 50 countries around the world.

In the late 1960’s, Finnish schoolyards, kindergarten yards and outdoor public parks were very scarcely furnished with playground equipment. In 1970, Mr Antero Ikäheimo, the founding father of Lappset Group Oy, established the company in order to provide inspirational playground equipment in Arctic conditions to enhance children’s well-being through play. The company’s first name was Oy Pohjoiskalotti – Nordkalotten Ab with the initial markets in the Nordic countries and exports first to Japan, Belgium and Germany. As the company’s business expanded geographically and also product wise to comprise also outdoor exercise and fitness equipment as well as park and street furniture, the company’s name was changed to Lappset Group Oy in 1991.

Lappset Group’s design is Above Ordinary. Their roots and the location on the Arctic Circle makes them differ from their competitors. Lappset Group’s mission in Arctic issues is to provide inspirational outdoor and indoor spaces in order to help people of all ages feel better tomorrow. The company’s growth potential is in the Northern latitudes of the world and in Asian countries, especially in China. The Nordic countries and China are their primary markets, other European countries are their secondary markets.

Lappset Group’s slogan is: We invite mankind outdoors!

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Founded 1970
Industry Recreational Facilities and Services
Employees 340
Hallitie 17 PL 8146 96101 Rovaniemi