Green district heating in Lapland
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Green district heating in Lapland

Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi (NEVE) produces green district heating in Lapland by using biofuel from Northern Finland, ensuring a safe and cost efficient heating solution for the Arctic environment.

District heating is produced in large units, which saves significant amounts of fuel compared to heating each house with separate heating devices. Choosing district heating increases the comfort of living, as it reduces heating costs and the amount of harmful emissions decrease.

The production line employs plenty of local people in our modern low emission power plant Suosiola, located in Rovaniemi. NEVEĀ also strives to advance circular economy: the raw materials used in our heat production are re-used and returned back to nature in the form of our natural products.

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Name Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi
Founded 1989
Industry Distribution and transmission of electricity and water supply
Employees 160
Koskikatu 27, Shopping Centre Revontuli 96101 Rovaniemi Finland