Moving towards circular economy
  • Circular economy

Moving towards circular economy

Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi (NEVE) values sustainability and strives to move towards circular economy.

Raw materials used in the company’s heat and energy production are re-used and circulated back to nature. This allows the company to provide the customers ecological and recycled natural products.

NEVE’s Naturlan ecological ash fertilizer is a unique natural product for the long-term growth and prosperity of forests. The ecological ash fertilizer is produced from wood and peat ash generated in the heat and energy production and is further used to increase healthy growth of commercial forests.

NEVE also sells compost soil, received as a byproduct of the intelligent and highly efficient wastewater treatment process. Although this is a smaller segment of NEVE’s recycled products business, the service has established a significant role among the local customers.

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Name Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi
Founded 1989
Industry Distribution and transmission of electricity and water supply
Employees 160
Koskikatu 27, Shopping Centre Revontuli 96101 Rovaniemi Finland