HaliPuu – the hugging tree company
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HaliPuu – the hugging tree company

Company built around love for forests.

HaliPuu is a family company established in 2015, built around love for forests and a wish to share it with others. They adopt Arctic pine trees to people from all around the globe and make it possible to connect with the Arctic nature.

The idea for HaliPuu company came in the Easter of 2014. The family was celebrating Easter by the campfire in the HaliPuu forest, when they realized that their dear forest had become ripe for felling. The founder’s father, Pappa, the owner of the forest, had been growing up alongside it and tending to it for decades, so taking it down was a painful thought. ”What can we do instead? ” they started wondering, until dad came up with the perfect idea: ”Let’s adopt these trees to people as hugging trees!” It was such a wonderful idea, that it had to be brought to life.

HaliPuu started developing the idea into a working concept, which combines environmental issues and creating a connection to nature to a travel product with gaming elements. The trees can be decorated with organic, hand made decorations (such as moss mustaches and bird houses), and their life can be followed through weekly live broadcasts from our forest. The trees can also be visited in real life.

Connect with the Arctic nature

HaliPuu has been online from 2015, and has already created a community of interested people around them. In late 2016 HaliPuu started co-operating with Finnair plus program, and HaliPuu’s trees are now up for adoption in Finnair Shop.

HaliPuu’s mission in the Arctic issues is bringing a living connection to the Arctic, while saving fragile Arctic forests from felling. Creating people to people awareness in the Arctic nature and lifestyle and a community of people interested in the area and Arctic everyday life. HaliPuu also wants to combine the real and the virtual, bringing an element of playfulness and escape.

HaliPuu’s field of expertise is forest from the viewpoint of, and as a part of the life and soul of people from Finnish Arctic. They see forest as a source of well-being and joy. They would like to create a connection over distance and an escape from the busy life in the cities. 

International growth potential

HaliPuu is creating a new field of business that combines several new aspects into one very approachable, environmental  whole. HaliPuu is at the very beginning of their life span, and their growth potential is great. They have practically an endless supply of goods (next to their trees there are approx. 17 billion coniferous trees in Finland). The ”product” is carbon negative, intangible and sustainable, which is the direction that consumer products are aiming at all over the world.

In the coming months HaliPuu will continue further working on building HaliPuu’s virtual as well as real life features. HaliPuu is looking for partners especially in the Asian market (for instance travel agencies) and is open to collaboration. Their primary and secondary markets are Asian city people, Central European city people, USA city people.

HaliPuu is Bringing the forest into your pocket! 

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Founded 2015
Industry Recreational products and services
Employees 2-5
Website halipuu.com
Ounasjoentie 17, 99130 Sirkka, Lapland, Finland