Bringing the forest into your pocket
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Bringing the forest into your pocket

Tangible product with intangible features.

HaliPuu concept is a new kind of consumer product, which is highly personal, ecological, and tangible while being intangible. It is carbon negative – saving trees from logging increases natural resources instead of using them. It taps into people’s wish to find an escape in the midst of the turmoil of their everyday life and gives them chance to adopt an Arctic tree.

Having started as a way to save their trees from felling, HaliPuu has developed into a unique combination of an environmental project, a community of nature lovers and a tourism product – with elements of gaming. Forests’ health benefits have been widely scientifically documented in the past years. HaliPuu gives people an opportunity to experience the soothing, mood enhancing properties of a forest even through a distance.

A physical tree with personalized decoration

As a product HaliPuu consists of the physical tree. It is possible to adopt an Arctic tree for 5 years at a time. Each tree is marked and the owner gets its exact co-ordinates, together with pictures and an adoption certificate. The tree can then be decorated and personalized with accessories such as moss mustaches and birdhouses, and it can be visited live at any point (HaliPuu offers guided trips to meet one’s tree). HaliPuu is collaborating with the bonus program of Finnair, one of the world’s oldest operating airlines. The trees can also be adopted in Finnair shop.

Visiting one’s tree is not limited to physical visits. The tree can be accessed virtually during live broadcast from the forest, where HaliPuu’s owner family chats with the virtual visitors and walks around the area with them. While the tree adopters tend to their trees in virtual life, their actions are brought to reality by the Raekallio’s.

HaliPuu -hugging trees have so far been mostly adopted as a personal friend, or a unique birthday gift. The trees are also very suitable as business gifts (they can for instance be adorned with the company logo), wedding presents, baby presents etc. HaliPuu is still in the early stages of it’s life span. In the coming months they will continue further working on building HaliPuu’s virtual as well as real life features.

Halipuu logo arctic forest lapland
Name HaliPuu – the hugging tree company
Founded 2015
Industry Recreational products and services
Employees 2-5
Ounasjoentie 17, 99130 Sirkka, Lapland, Finland