New road and railway maintenance innovations
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New road and railway maintenance innovations

Better Focus, Problem Diagnostics and Fixing the Root Cause.

Roadscanners is developing new road and railway maintenance models that are based on the latest research results in the area of road and railway diagnostics instruments and exact positioning systems. With these methods it is possible to focus maintenance measures exactly on the weakest road sections. In addition repair work will rectify the source of the problems not only the symptoms. Regarding lifetime costs, the rehabilitated structure will be considerably more economical than before.

Proactive Maintenance

Roadscanners new road and railway survey techniques and innovations allow maintenance policies to be changed towards proactive maintenance. On roads this means that pavement will be enforced/repaired before fatigue cracks weakening the pavement stiffness occur. If this can be realized the pavement maintenance costs caused by pavement fatigue will drop, at best, by more than 50% compared to current costs.

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