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Traffic infrastructure asset management.

Roadscanners is specialized in developing tools and services for traffic infrastructure asset management. Structural and functional condition monitoring and analysis of roads, railroads, bridges and airports and maintenance planning based on the results. Recently company has also focused on the area of intelligent transport systems (ITS).

The company was established in 1998. Roadscanners’ owners have an ambition to develop sustainable asset management methods that are based on the latest technologies which would enable efficient, safe and comfortable transports of goods and passengers in the future.

In 2018, Roadscanners won the category for ‘Asset Preservation & Maintenance Management’ in International Road Federation’s ‘Global Road Achievement Awards’ with their co-operative PEHKO-project with the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. Project focuses on improving productivity of paved road asset management.

Solutions for various weather conditions

Roadscanners acknowledges that transportation networks have to be accessible year-round and, as such, management and know-how related to seasonal changes in arctic areas is one of the key aspects in the development and testing of Roadscanners’ products. Outside arctic areas this is also important because at least 50% of the traffic infrastructure of industrialized world is exposed, now and then, to freezing and thawing.

Roadscanners special expertise is the use of electromagnetic methods in monitoring and testing materials and structures both frozen and unfrozen. Company uses a combination of ground penetrating radar, laser scanner, accelerometer, HD and thermal camera linked together with GPS.

Roadscanners around the globe

Especially in the software and hardware sector there is huge potential for growth. Primary markets of Roadscanners are Europe and USA, secondary markets are Canada and Asia.

Roadscanners has sold their services or products on all continents – even Antarctica. The company has been active in about 50 countries. They have measured about 90 000 kilometers of roads and 30 000 kilometers of railway since 1998.

The company’s slogan is BEYOND THE SURFACE

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Founded 1998
Industry Consulting, software and instruments
Employees 29
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