Predicting climate change in the Arctic
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Predicting climate change in the Arctic

Fragile polar region.

Today, global warming is a phenomenon affecting us all. The effects of climate change in the Arctic are particularly visible in the fragile polar regions, where the drastically melting sea ice caps can be monitored through satellites.

This signifies both risks and opportunities: melting glaciers and rising sea levels call for common environmental concern, but simultaneously they raise political and financial interest to the now accessible areas in the Arctic region. Whatever of the motivation, predictability of climate change in the Arctic region is invaluable.

Using geophysical measurements can help us predict how changes in the upper atmosphere affect the climate and what kinds of consequences this has.  The effects of global warming can be monitored closely and the predictability of natural disasters can be improved using satellite observation data.

The solution

Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory provides state of the art infrastructure and highly qualified international staff for performing a variety of geophysical measurements, and has cooperation with over 200 research facilities around the world. SGO has performed continuous measurements of the Earth’s magnetic field, cosmic radio noise, seismic activities, and cosmic rays since 1914.

Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory is located 120 km north of the Arctic Circle in Finland, an optimal location for accessing real time satellite data from polar-orbiting satellites. This up-to-date satellite data is highly useful in climate and safety research in the Arctic region and a key element enabling sea and air traffic over the polar region.


  • Real time satellite data access
  • Cutting-edge measurement technology
  • Highly qualified team of international research staff
  • State of the art infrastructure
SGO open arctic research in lapland
Name Sodankylä Geographical Observatory
Founded 1913
Industry Research institution
Employees 20-30
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