Top-of-the-line drilling services
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Top-of-the-line drilling services

Latest drilling technology.

Arctic Drilling Company Ltd (ADC) offers Arctic drilling expertise and a wide variety of certified exploration drilling services for geological surveys. The surveys guarantee reliable and high-quality core samples even in extreme conditions.

ADC carries out surface and underground diamond drilling with drilling rigs that have been developed through the company’s own work and represent the latest in drilling technology. Surface drilling highlights the environmental friendliness and easy manoeuvrability of the rigs, and the company’s personnel is trained for all conditions.

The diamond drilling rigs work in extremely low temperatures, in locations such as the Natura 2000 area at the border of Rovaniemi and Ylitornio. The Canadian gold prospecting company Mawson Resources has been granted an exceptional permit to carry out surveys, but the permit requires that the drilling is carried out while the ground is frozen. The permit conditions stipulate that the surveys must not harm the surrounding nature.

Accurate drilling information

The project will involve drilling dozens of holes into the ground, reaching a depth of up to 300 metres. ADC uses the best measuring instruments on the market in its surveys in order to give the customer optimally accurate information about the status of the hole. Outside Finland, the drilling rigs have been used to take samples from a depth of up to 1,650 metres. The surface drilling rigs are powerful enough to survey holes deeper than 2,000 metres.

RC drilling provides accurate information about the soil and rock samples taken from it. For example, the gold prospecting company Mawson Resources is interested in how broad an area at the border of Rovaniemi and Ylitornio contains gold and how high the gold concentration is. With RC drilling, a rock sample can be obtained from a specific layer without mixing it with materials from other layers.

Core orientation facilitates obtaining precise information about the position of rock samples. Core orientation enables a more detailed analysis of the bedrock, since the sample can be linked to the right place and orientation.

ADC’s Arctic drilling expertise is also one of the the best in the industry when it comes to underground drilling. The company has developed the fastest drilling rig on the market, which can be relocated independently at a speed of up to 10 km/h. ADC has developed solutions that lengthen service intervals and increase component durability. This decreases transfer and maintenance times and increases production efficiency.

ADC drilling in lapland
Name Arctic Drilling Company Ltd
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