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Arctic Drilling Company Ltd

High service quality in all conditions.

Arctic Drilling Company (ADC) is specialized in sustainable drilling, more precisely in prospecting and exploration drilling. Established in Rovaniemi in 2004, ADC also manufactures drilling rigs for its own use and for sale. The company offers a wide variety of certified exploration drilling services for geological surveys, guaranteeing reliable and high-quality core samples in all conditions. The company uses environmentally friendly rubber tracks in its drilling rigs, as they place a considerably smaller burden on nature than traditional metal tracks due to the low surface pressure. The drilling rigs also have the widest drilling angle on the market for work both on the surface and underground.

In 2016, the company’s turnover was approximately €13 million, and the company employs around 90 people.  ADC’s drilling services include diamond drilling, RC drilling, base of till (BOT) sampling, core orientation and deviation measurements. The company’s certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) ensure that the customer receives a high-quality service as agreed.

ADC serves its customers across the globe reliably, guaranteeing efficient drilling and geological surveys even in extreme conditions. The company has the best exploration drilling rigs in the industry, as well as professionally trained personnel.  ADC’s customers include the Geological Survey of Finland, Outokumpu Oy and Mawson Resources. The majority of the customers are in Finland, Norway and Sweden, but the company has also carried out jobs in Chile.

Environmental impacts are minimized

The company carries out sustainable drilling, whereupon the effects of the drilling on the surrounding nature are minimal. ADC is an effective, environmentally friendly and reliable partner for surface and underground drilling alike.  ADC’s services are certified and its environmental protection methods comply with relevant standards. The company’s machinery is designed to withstand extreme conditions, regardless of place and climate.

ADC is committed to continuous development, which is also evidenced by their personnel training. ADC keeps their drill operators up to date regarding new work methods and the customer’s requirements, as they are the most important link when it comes to producing services to their customers.

The company’s main goal is to be an efficient, safe and ecological co-operation partner.

ADC drilling in lapland
Founded 2004
Industry Drilling services and drill rig manufacturing
Employees 80-90
Teollisuustie 26 B 96320 Rovaniemi, Finland