Unique ice adventures
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Unique ice adventures

The Port of Kemi is also the home of Sampo, the world’s only icebreaker that operates specifically for tourism purposes.

After a respectable 30-year career as an icebreaker in the arctic seas, the vessel was bought by city of Kemi and appointed a new, more captivating task – to serve as the base for ice adventurers. Sampo started its career in tourism in the winter 1988, when it made its first icebreaker cruise.

During summer Sampo stays in its home port, but in the winter the icebreaker sails the Gulf of Bothnia along the stretches of the Finnish Lapland, offering tourist icebreaker cruises for around 10 000 tourists annually. On the cruise tourists get to know the icebreaker from the engine room to the bridge and have a chance to take a dip in the icy Bay of Bothnia – in a floating dry suit.

Port of kemi arctic lapland
Name Port of Kemi - Gateway to the Barents Region
Founded 1869
Industry Harbour
Employees 25-30
Website keminsatama.fi/en/home
Ajoksentie 748, 94900 Kemi