Port of Kemi - Gateway to the Barents Region
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Port of Kemi - Gateway to the Barents Region

The Port of Kemi in the Bothnian Bay is the fastest route to reach the northern areas of Finland, Sweden, Norway, and the Murmansk area in Russia.

Being the closest harbour to the Barents Region, the port represents an excellent import and export harbour with shortest land transport connections for the industry of the Barents Region.

The port consists of the Ajos and Veitsiluoto Harbour, as well as a separate oil harbour which is a part of Ajos Harbour. Ajos Harbour serves as an efficient logistics centre for the entire area of Lapland and the Barents Region. Veitsiluoto Harbour serves primarily as the import station for raw materials shipped to the Veitsiluoto plant operated by the wood and biomass solutions company Stora Enso.

Nearly 500 vessels carrying about 2 million tonnes of goods visit Kemi each year. Thanks to the high quality ice-breaker services the port is able to offer, the Port of Kemi is in full operation throughout the year.

A Port founded by the Decree of the Imperial Majesty

The Port of Kemi was established in 1869 by the decree of the Imperial Majesty. At this time, the city of Kemi also received staple rights, enabling the city to engage in foreign trade. The city was to establish “a customs house with a packing warehouse, weigh house, docking- and storage warehouse”. This was when the infrastructure around which harbour operations, similar to that of the present day, developed.

Today, the Port of Kemi Ltd is a company owned by the City of Kemi and a part of Kemi City consolidation. The Port provides the SME sector and industry in Northern Finland with reliable, and up-to-date services that are cost-effective and carried out by a highly competent staff.

Harbour infrastructure and services

The Port of Kemi has state of the art infrastructure and highly competent staff ensuring the port visitors a full-service experience. The wide range of port services include quay space and duty-free storage facilities for import and export companies, storage facilities for liquid fuels, roads and railways in harbour area, mooring and unmooring of vessels, water supply, waste disposal etc. services for the vessels, towing and icebreaking services, crane services, security devices for safe navigation, as well as maintenance, lighting and supervision of the harbour area, oil storage area, fishing harbour and small boat harbour.

The Kemi harbour has many valuable cooperation partners. The list includes port operator companies, transport and forwarding companies, logistics companies offering services to Russia and Nordic countries as well as storage operation partners. Together with its cooperation partners the Port of Kemi is able to offer the port visitors a well-functioning and smooth port experience with all the services they need. Such all-inclusive service and well-functioning infrastructure is highly beneficial for businesses and can serve well industries such as mining, energy, steel and forest industry.

Course to the future

In future years, digitalisation will transform the marine and shipping industry as remote and autonomous shipping becomes reality. This signifies new challenges and possibilities to the ports, as adjustments need to be made to meet the requirements of the new intelligent vessels.

In order to support the new requirements of shipping industry, the Port of Kemi is ready to develop partnerships with businesses and organisations willing to study and create the capabilities, competencies and infrastructure required of future ports.

Port of kemi arctic lapland
Founded 1869
Industry Harbour
Employees 25-30
Website keminsatama.fi/en/home
Ajoksentie 748, 94900 Kemi