Year-round shipping routes
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Year-round shipping routes

Reliable ice-breaking and towing services guarantee year-round shipping routes even in the winter months when the Bothnian Bay is frozen, some 100-200 days annually.

For a long time, the difficult ice conditions limited the year-round use of the harbours in the Bay. The harbours in Kemi have been in year-round use since 1971.

The year-round arctic Port of Kemi has four icebreakers, also equipped for towing: Arctia Karhu, Arctia Ahto, M/S Jääsalo and M/S Ulla. All the vessels have been dimensioned to cope with the difficult, icy conditions in the Bothnian Bay. The icebreakers ensure regular and safe marine traffic to the port by opening lanes, towing ships and dislodging vessels from the ice.

Port of kemi arctic lapland
Name Port of Kemi - Gateway to the Barents Region
Founded 1869
Industry Harbour
Employees 25-30
Ajoksentie 748, 94900 Kemi