Southern Lapland offers a vast selection of Arctic bog locations, including swamps and marshes, to choose from, with nearby services and easy accessibility.

It’s no wonder that Ranua is known for its vast and stunning bogs, as they make up for over 60% of the municipality’s land area. Consisting mostly of string bogs, the local boglands are generally large, open areas with some stunted pine trees growing here and there. The bogs are also home to unique flora, such as the picturesque cottongrass and the cloudberry. As the cloudberry only grows in a bog environment, it is a true Ranua delicacy that lures quite a few people–both Finnish and international—to the municipality during its peak season.

There are many bog locations to choose from in Ranua. For example, the boglands along the roads Simontie (Koskela-Pahkapalo) and Pekkalantie (Kaitasuo, Pitkäsuo) are easy to access, as is the beautiful bog along the route to the Takajärvi Observation Tower right by the town center. You can find a great listing of the Ranua bogs on Google Maps. (Suo is Finnish for bog.)