Fell Cluster


Inari in northern Lapland is home to a fell cluster—ancient weathered hills—that is perfect for productions: accessible and stunning all year round.

This bundle of Ice Age-era hills includes Kaunispää, Urupää, Palopää and Kuusipää and lies along Highway E4, which leads all the way from Utsjoki (northernmost Finland) to Helsinki. The bundle of fells offers forest landscapes, as well as areas with a distinct tundra-esque character. This is a great place to capture the highway cutting through the wilderness as well as the old unpaved Magneetimäki (Magnet Hill), which is cultural heritage site.

Kaunispää is the most easily accessible fell, as a road leads all the way to its peak. At the top, you’ll find a café and a cozy souvenir shop. Thanks to their location near the highway, the other fells are also easy to conquer, while perhaps offering a bit more peace and wilder landscapes for your lens.