Northernmost Lapland is home to tundra-like fells and fellfields, easily accessed film locations for productions seeking old, weathered hills without trees.

Some of the most beautiful tundra-like fellfields in Lapland can be found in the municipality of Utsjoki. (A fell is a hill worn down by Ice Age glaciers.) The landscape of the area is typically made of heath and mountain birches, with hills and fells of varying altitudes covering the lands. Although the rugged Arctic fellfields are beautiful all year round, they are at their most striking during the fall color season–that is, September and early October.

There are a great deal of fellfield locations to choose from in Utsjoki, many located along Route 970, which has been named the most beautiful road in Finland. For example, the Ailigas Fell right by the town center offers an impressive view over the Teno River Valley, with a road leading all the way up to its top. The Muotkatunturi Wilderness Area is another location to consider, as are the various well-maintained roads that take you across treeless wilderness, such as the Pulmankijärventie Road in Nuorgam.