Production still from the Last Ones
Photo by: The Last Ones
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The Last Ones - Northern Crime Drama Filmed in Lapland

Acclaimed Estonian director Veiko Õunpuu shot his feature film The Last Ones in Finnish Lapland for two months in 2017. The film is produced by Estonian Homeless Bob Production and Finnish Bufo. It’s supported by the Estonian Film Institute, the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Finnish Film Foundation, Yle, Finnish Lapland Film Commission and Creative Europe MEDIA. The production wrapped filming in the end of September 2017 and is proceeding to post-production. The film will premiere in 2020.

The western flavored modern crime drama is set in a small mining village, filled with tensions between reindeer herders and local miners. Rupi is a tough young miner, estranged from his family. He falls in love with his friend’s wife, who has also caught the eye of the owner of the mine. The cast includes Estonian Pääru Oja and famous Finnish actors Tommi KorpelaLaura Birn and Elmer Bäck among others. The location for the mining village was staged to an old mine in the municipality of Kolari and filming also took place in the vast tundras of Kilpisjärvi, in the municipality of Enontekiö.

Õunpuu’s debut feature Autumn Ball premiered at Venice IFF in 2007 and won the Orizzonti Prize. He received the European Talent Award for The Temptation of St Tony, which later premiered internationally at Sundance in 2011 and was nominated for the best production design at the European Film Awards.

On the videos below, the crew and cast share their experiences from the first weeks of filming, their view about Lapland as a location, and remarks about their characters, colleagues and relationship to Lapland.

Tommi Korpela, actor
Mark Lwoff, producer
Elmer Bäck, actor
Pääru Oja, Actor
Tommi Korpela, actor