Carl Haglund investing plans chinese bio in lapland
Photo by: Carl Haglund

Kaidi Finland CEO Carl Haglund

There are already two big Chinese bio-refinery investing plans in Lapland, and Kaidi Finland in Kemi is the second one. CEO Carl Haglund of Kaidi Finland talks about the bio-refinery plants future.

The €900 million bio-fuel refinery project in Ajos, Kemi undertaken by Kaidi Finland, a subsidiary of the Chinese Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group, is the second major Chinese investment in bio-refinery. The technology to be used in the Kemi plant is globally unique, says the Kaidi Finland, adding that it will also prove that high-quality biodiesel can be produced from woody biomass. The plant is scheduled to come into operation by 2019.

– We plan to build a globally unique second generation bio-refinery in Kemi by using wood-based biomass, such as energy wood, harvesting remains and even leftover bark from the forest industry as the main feedstock. Kemi was chosen as the ideal location thanks to Finland’s ambitious goals in bio-economy, the existing infrastructure, high level of expertise, abundant feedstock, and industrial strengths, said Kaidi Finland CEO Carl Haglund.

He also pointed out that Finland’s progressive and ambitious bio-fuel policy, together with its vast biomass resources and its close proximity to the world’s largest bio-fuel markets in Europe, make it one of the most attractive country to invest in for bio-fuel production.