Tero Nissinen chinese investments in Lapland
Photo by: Tero Nissinen

Mayor Tero Nissinen of Kemi

According to Mayor Tero Nissinen of Kemi, Finnish Lapland is the leading region for the Chinese investors. Below he tells about Chinese investments in Lapland.

The Chinese also have made a number of investments in the tourism sector of Lapland, mostly in hospitality, real estate, and tour operations. But now Lapland is gearing up to receive about €2.5b in Chinese investments reported to be in the pipeline. Talking on this topic, Mayor Tero Nissinen of Kemi said,

– Activities on Chinese investment plans have been accelerating fast during the last few years. I think Lapland is a leading region to the Chinese in terms of investment potential in Finland and the Nordic countries. In Lapland, we can provide true and good partnership for Chinese investors as well as a secure and stable environment. Already the value of Chinese investment in Lapland has become notable [especially in tourism], but in the future we could be talking about 9 -figure numbers – billions of euros, especially in the field of bio-economy.