Film above the ordinary

Pristine Arctic beauty coupled with Film Friendly services. Frosty, pink skies of the magical Polar Night and the luxurious, rich Midnight Sun.

Lapland is the most connected wilderness in the Arctic. Lapland Film Commission and the dedicated Film Friendly network exist to bring your production above the ordinary.

Lapland’s autumn festival of color

During the time of ruska in the autumn the shrubs, plants and trees of the tundra transform into a spectacular blaze of reds and oranges.

Photo by Tim Bird

Location Scout Lori Balton discovering the extended magic hour of Lapland

”The light, landscapes and unbroken silence make Lapland definitely stand out of the crowd as a filming location,” states Lori Balton.

Anna Niemelä

Film Commissioner
anna.niemela (at)
tel. +358 40 820 7575

Kirsikka Paakkinen

Junior Film Commissioner
kirsikka.paakkinen (at)
tel. +358 40 354 5322

Kristiina Werner

Int'l Sales and Marketing
kristiina.werner (at)
tel. +358 40 485 9877

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