Lapland, Finland
Photo by: Jani Kärppä

Film Lapland Code of Conduct & Production Guide

Looking for more information on filming expectations, annual weather, crew rates, Sámi photography guidelines and more? Check out the Film Lapland Code of Conduct and Production Guide.

Code of Conduct

Download the Film Lapland Code of Conduct (pdf).


The Film Lapland Code of Conduct provides best practices for filming in Finnish Lapland, including:

  • Filming in wilderness & rural areas
  • Filming in cities & towns
  • Green & sustainable filming
  • Community, culture & depictions
  • Health & safety

Production Guide

Download the Film Lapland Production Guide (pdf).

The Film Lapland Production Guide offers detailed information on various aspects of filming in northern Finland, including:

  • Locations & film permits
  • People
  • Working in Finland
  • Practical information about Finland
  • Crew wages
  • Weather
  • Length of days
  • Maps
  • Photography guidelines for depicting Sámi culture
  • Contact info

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