Frozen Lake


Lake Kemijärvi is located entirely in the eponymous city. With a shoreline of some 230 000 kilometers and a water area of 230 km2, it is the 19th largest of the 188 000 lakes in Finland.

The location offers both large open water areas and narrow straits, with varying looks throughout the season. In late autumn and early winter, the sheer layer of ice can take over the waters without a hint of snow covering it, resembling glass that reflects the colors of the sky. In midwinter, the ice is usually thick enough to carry even large vehicles – and that is on top of a heavy blanket of snow. Late winter is the time of streams and floes, as the ice and snow begin to make way for the approaching summer.

In addition to stunning landscapes, Lake Kemijärvi offers an excellent and versatile spot for capturing winter activities such as ice swimming, skiing, ice fishing and snowmobiling. It is also suitable for winter shoots that require custom snow and ice tracks.