Arctic Fell


Among the Scandinavian mountains, the most iconic Finnish fell is easily accessed, with nearby support and some of the most impressive views in all of Lapland.

Saana, the most iconic of the Finnish fells*, stands in northwestern Lapland, right by the Scandinavian Mountains. The fell is located along Highway E8 in the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area, by the picturesque Kilpisjärvi village and the eponymous lake. Its surroundings are home to Finland’s highest fells, breathtaking natural sights, and a mere 150 inhabitants. It is Finnish Lapland at its wildest and mightiest.

The peak of Saana rises up over a kilometer, and it offers one of the most impressive views in all of Lapland. The fell is a sight to behold from a distance as well. The location offers an optimal setting for a variety of production types, from nature documentaries to adventure fiction.

Saana also has special significance in the Sámi culture, where the fell is held sacred by many. (Learn more about filming with Sámi people.)

*fell = a small mountain with tundra-like terrain; summit above the tree line.