Snow-crowned Forest


With great & grand shapes that inspire the imagination, Posio’s national park is one of Finland’s most popular snowy film locations every year.

The Riisitunturi National Park is the go-to location for those looking to capture the picturesque phenomenon of the crown snow-load, known as tykky or tykkylumi in Finnish. Once winter takes over the landscape, the trees on the Riisitunturi Fell are covered by a heavy blanket of snow.

Crown snow-load is different from regular snow-covered trees. It is a heavy mixture of snow and rime ice, and one tree can carry multiple thousands of kilograms of crown snow-load on its branches. The formation of crown snow-load requires a high altitude, which is why it’s mainly found on fells.

The best time for capturing crown snow-load sceneries is in January-February, when the formations have had time to take their shape. If you’re looking to film snow-crowned trees during the polar night, aim for early January; if you want to feature the bright spring sun in your production, February is the optimal time.