Eastern Lapland offers many different types of wilderness as well as village and residential locations. There are many different habitat types in the vast wilderness areas: forests, high fells, wilderness rivers and swamps.

Impressive and relatively easily accessible wilderness locations in the area are, for example, the Nuortti Canyon in Urho Kekkonen National Park as well as the Kairijoki area in the northern part of the municipality. Savukoski is also home to the iconic Korvatunturi fell, which has a special meaning in Finnish folklore as the home of Santa Claus.

The Kivitunturi nature reserve is located near the municipal center. 25 km from the center is the Tarkkala Wilderness Estate, which is one of the rare old buildings preserved from the wars in Lapland.

We have several military historical sites in the Savukoski area. One of the most famous is the Salpalinja, whose end point is located in the immediate vicinity of the municipal center.