The vast areas of eastern Lapland offer a variety of wilderness film locations to choose from, from thick pine & spruce forests, to gentle fells, to rivers & fells.

Savukoski offers some of the most impressive wilderness areas in all of Finland, and it’s no wonder–the municipality has the smallest population density in the country, with a mere 0,16 inhabitants per square kilometer.

The vast wilderness areas offer a variety of location types to choose from, from thick pine and spruce forests to high stony fells. There are bogs, rivers, streams and photogenic wilderness huts called laavu– anything you could ask from an Arctic wilderness location, really. Some impressive and easily accessible wilderness locations in the area include the Urho Kekkonen National Park and its Nuortti Canyon in the northern part of the municipality, and the Kivitunturi Protected Forest Area near the town center. 25 km from downtown is the Tarkkala Wilderness Estate, one of Lapland’s rare preserved buildings from before the wars of the 20th century. Savukoski is also home to the iconic Korvatunturi Fell, which has a special significance in Finnish folklore as the home of Santa Claus.