Reindeer in a snowy Lapland field | accessible wilderness location
Photo by: Jani Kärppä
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Accessible Wilderness Locations

Lapland has accessible wilderness locations due to its long history with the forest industry, tourism and grand national parks. There is a wide-ranging road network all over Lapland. The roads are well-kept throughout the year and even the smallest roads in the wilderness can bear heavily loaded vehicles like lighting trucks.

No need for long filming permit processes

Filming in Lapland is simple thanks to a national law called Everyman’s Right. It allows everyone free access to the land and waterways without having to go through the process of applying for a permit. Landowners permission is required only when there is a need to bring motorized and/or otherwise heavy equipment to the site, or when filming is planned to take place in a private area, such as someone’s backyard.

When shooting in public areas, a permit may be required from the municipality, city or traffic authorities.

In case you need assistance regarding permits, please contact us.