How to deal with the mosquitoes in Lapland

Photo by Terhi Tuovinen

You might find the mosquitoes in Lapland annoying at times, but it’s good to remember that the northern nuisances are just that: unlike some of their southern cousins, the thread-horns of Lapland do not spread any diseases and are not a danger to humans in any way.

We collected the best tips for co-existing with the mosquitoes during your trip to Lapland, so that something as small as a mosquito won’t stop you from fully enjoying the beautiful summer!

Chill in the city and sun

Mosquitoes prefer forests and shadows, so sunny spots are less likely to have mosquitoes and even without any special protection you’ll be safe in the city areas. Join the locals enjoying the city life and grab a cold drink on a terrace!

Photo by Inka Hyvönen

Head to the open areas

This one is a tip learned from the reindeer: open, windier areas usually have less mosquitoes, so look for open spots to rest your legs at when outdoors.

Photo by Visit Finland

Use repellents

There are many types of repellents available in all the basic supermarkets. Use the stick, spray or scents to keep the mosquitoes away. Note! Don’t spray the repellent directly to your face, first spray to the top of your hand and then wipe to your forehead and other exposed areas. The sprays can also damage some fabrics, so be careful with e.g. stockings.

Photo by Inka Hyvönen

Dress accordingly

When out in the nature, it’s a good idea to dress in long-sleeved shirts and long pants to cover your skin. Also, loose clothing works better, since the mosquitoes can bite through tight clothing. Some also say that light colours attract the nuisances less than dark ones, so choose white and other light-coloured clothing. If you’re heading out for longer trip or to areas such as swamps where more mosquitoes are found, get yourself a mosquito hat! It might not be the most fashion-forward choice, but it will definitely protect you from the mosquitoes.

Photo by Inka Hyvönen

Stay cool

Mosquitoes are drawn to humans based on the heat, shape and the scent of carbon dioxide, so waving your arms around you to get rid of them might actually work in your disadvantage and draw them towards you. Keeping yourself cool and staying calm is thus good way to stay hidden from their radar!

Photo by Visit Finland | Gary Wornell

Be prepared

The reason the stings you get might itch is that most of us are allergic. Best way to fight the itch is thus to treat it like any other allergy: ask the local pharmacy for allergy meds that work especially well to prevent the itch, and treat the stings for example with a suitable cream.

Photo by Lapland Material Bank | Terhi Tuovinen

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