Indoor Test World in Ivalo, Finland

All-year-round winter conditions for testing in Ivalo

The Arctic vehicle testing is a growth industry and the conditions and expertise in Lapland are top class. Ivalo based UTAC Ivalo (former Test World) is objective and been rewarded many times as the best in vehicle, tire, and component testing business. They provide their customers with all-year-round winter test conditions on outdoor tracks and indoor testing halls.

The global technological development of transport, logistics, and vehicles require testing in cold conditions. For example, requirements for energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and safety make it necessary to find solutions that can be tested and developed in cold conditions.

UTAC Ivalo is part of UTAC (former Millbrook Proving Ground Ltd), one of the largest independent vehicle testing companies in Europe. They are part of the London-based Spectris Plc Group. The company, in particular for large global brands, provides knowledgeable and comprehensive service in a secure testing environment. Minna Rissanen, Sales and Marketing Manager at Test World, says that in addition to testing itself, customers are often provided with accommodation, restaurant, program services, together with people and cargo transportation. The company uses also other local businesses.

Facilities, expertise, and services for testing needs

Test World operates in two test centers in Ivalo – in an airport test center and Mellatracks. The company has a total area of over 1 000 hectares (2 471 acres). In 2012, the company became the first in the world to introduce Indoor 1 Testing Hall, which allows year-round testing. In 2015, the company expanded with the Indoor 2 Testing Hall. Indoor 3 Testing Hall was launched in 2018 and expanded to two additional Indoor Testing Halls 4 & 5 in 2019.

Rissanen says the company’s operations consist of three pillars. Firstly, the company leases premises to its customers together with test tracks, test vehicles, equipment, and staff. In this case, the customer’s test team will come to Ivalo to perform tests, supported by Test World.

Secondly, the company provides comprehensive testing services. In this case, customers send the vehicle, tires or components to Ivalo and the Test World’s test team performs the tests and sends the test results to the customer. If necessary, the company’s test team will travel with the customer to conduct tests anywhere in the world. Another part of our testing services is the so-called magazine tests, published by magazines in different countries.

The third activity that supports the former is events. The company offers its customers the opportunity, for example, for product launches or a winter driving school for media, retailers or important customers. New client groups include various media productions, such as movies or commercials.

Test World’s expertise and testing skills are state-of-the-art. The company was awarded the Tire Industry Service Provider of the Year in 2013 and 2019 and the Automotive Industry Test of the Year 2012.

Original published 08/2019, updated 01/2022

Test World Oy is a company that specializes in testing vehicles, tires, and components. They are part of the British Millbrook Proving Ground Ltd & London Stock Exchange quoted Spectris Plc group. The company provides its customers with all-year-round winter conditions for a vehicle, tire, and component testing on outdoor tracks and indoor halls.