Kemijärvi landscape
Photo by: Iiro Kerkelä

Kemijärvi – Versatile business in a lake landscape

Kemijärvi is the northernmost city in Finland, as well as a versatile center for the services, industry, and trade of Eastern Lapland.

Kemijärvi is located in a good place between the airports of Rovaniemi and Kuusamo, by two main roads and as the last railway stop when traveling to Eastern Lapland. The city is surrounded by water bodies and tourist centers, with the tourist centers of the Pyhä and Suomu fells both a 40-minute drive away.

A sizeable biorefinery is being planned in the city. If realized, the Boreal Bioref plant has been estimated to create more than 1,100 permanent jobs in different industries in its wake. In other words, the project will bring significant business opportunities to the area. The City is running a Forest In project, the goal of which is to support SMEs in participating in the construction and launch of the biorefinery.

In terms of tourism, Kemijärvi’s attractiveness comes from its beautiful lake landscape and the nearby tourist centers of Suomu and Pyhä. In the future, Kemijärvi will focus on developing summer tourism in particular. For example, the city area provides good opportunities for accommodation business, as there is a shortage of capacity.

Photo by: Iiro Kerkelä
Photo by: Iiro Kerkelä

Bioeconomy is the future frontline sector in Kemijärvi. Tourism in the lake landscape and on Suomu is doing well.


  • Population 7 370 
  • Number of businesses 490 
  • Turnover of businesses in total 270 million euros


  • Kemijärven Kehitys Oy
  • CEO Jari Paloniemi
  •, +358 (0)40 592 7294