The wilderness and outdoor clothing and equipment, which Tuntsa makes and sells, are excellent for hunting, fishing and other ways of spending time outdoors.
Photo by: Tuntsa/Anssi Romo

Tuntsa thrives in Lapland, Salla, and seeks a successor for the brand

The popularity of hiking and domestic work increased the sales of the clothing and equipment store Tuntsa and emptied their shelves. The entrepreneur praises Salla’s business-friendly environment and thanks Lapland’s pure nature.

The Tuntsa shop from Salla sells wilderness clothing and equipment at a tremendous pace, and the warehouse stocks are under challenge to keep up with the strong demand. The textile company, Stick On Ltd, has operated for already 35 years, but particularly domestic demand took off a few years ago.

The textile store, founded by entrepreneur Heimo Hautajärvi, initially made women’s knitted garments to Sweden and Norway. Still, after the recession, he moved on to design timeless clothes – and the Tuntsa brand was created. Nowadays, the company sells wilderness clothing and equipment, outdoor kota huts and leisure time clothing.

– Anoraks and outdoor kota huts are sold the most, and they are what we are known for, says Hautajärvi.

Stick On has had a steady turnover for several years, and the company made a turnover of approximately 38 per cent during the 2021 accounting period. In addition to Hautajärvi, the company also employs his spouse and a part-time seamstress.

Hautajärvi points out that a profit can be made with the effort of just two people. The company has excellent potential for even more significant growth, but the entrepreneur would be ready to retire and focus on other matters. Therefore, Hautajärvi is selling Tuntsa and offering the reigns to the next person.

Excellent growth potential for a new entrepreneur

Hautajärvi is selling the business belonging to the Tuntsa trademark, together with the online store and the products’ manufacturing rights. An established consumer base, which particularly values domestic and high-quality products, has been formed over the company’s 35-year-long history. During product development, the entrepreneur has tried and tested the outdoor gear in the forest and made rectifications where necessary.

– Quality is of utmost importance, he says. – The product must have a long service life.

The popularity of hiking and spending time outdoors have also given sales an uplift. Direct sales to consumers have been a trump card, and the owner has been able to collect better revenue. Tuntsa would be well-suited for a textile manufacturer, which has the readiness to increase the production volume.

– The future prospects are good. The company’s finances are in order, which is why I want to jump aside now, explains Hautajärvi.

The kota hut is one of Tuntsa shop's most popular products. The kota hut is made from a durable fabric and perfect for staying the night out in outdoors and in the wilderness.
Photo by: Tuntsa/Anssi Romo

Entrepreneur-friendly Salla is memorable

It was evident to Hautajärvi, originally from Salla, that the company would be established in his home municipality. He has been satisfied with this decision. In terms of entrepreneurship in Salla, Hautajärvi has enjoyed the freedom.

The municipality of Salla, which is located next to the Russian border in Eastern Lapland, attracts tourists who have arrived to experience the nature destinations of the area, such as the National Park of Oulanka and Tuntsa’s wilderness, and Sallatunturi’s ski resort. In addition to sustainable tourism, Salla has agriculture, forestry and reindeer herding, and business operations in the natural products sector. Hautajärvi praises Salla’s business environment as being entrepreneur-friendly.

– Already during the initial stages, I got support and assistance from the business services. In Salla, people work together, he states.

Hautajärvi also considers that, due to its wilderness-like location, people remember Tuntsa, and that is what they are remembered for. Lappishness and Lapland’s unique conditions provide expertise in the design and sales of equipment. It is an advantage in customer service work if you can tell, for example, about the area and provide up-to-date information on the fishing and hunting situation.

– Nature is a strength for us, especially now, when Lapland is attracting people. – The forest is a church, theatre, and a concert hall for us, Hautajärvi laughs.