Snow angels, just one of the many ways to have fun with snow in Finnish Lapland
Photo by: Terhi Tuovinen
falling in love (with snow)
Photo by: Antti Pietikäinen | Lapland Material Bank

7 Ways to Have Fun With the Snow

In Finnish Lapland, we tend to have a love-hate relationship with snow. One moment, you’re brushing snow off your car, and the other, you’re captivated by the sight of March sunlight sparkling off snowflakes hovering in the chill air. We gathered some of our favorite reminders of the beauty and fun of snow in Lapland.

1. Follow the footprints of a mountain hare

Lapland’s snowy forests are straight out of fairy tales. Trees slumbering under their white blankets, beautiful as sculptures. You may not hear the animals slipping from trunk to trunk, but you’ll definitely see their tracks. Can you recognize the bounce-print made by a hare?

hare tracks in Lapland in winter
Photo by: Terhi Tuovinen

2. Go snowsurfing on a fell

Have you ever heard of snurfing? That’s snowsurfing. It has all the fun of snowboarding but without the bindings. And maybe best of all: you never have to worry about sharks on the powdery slopes of Lapland

Photo by: Lapland Material Bank | Juha Kauppinen

3. Snap a snow pic selfie

Every snowflake is perfect and unique; that means no two photographs are ever alike. On sunny days, the air itself shimmers. So pull out your phone and see if you can capture the magic of a snowy day.

Photo by: Anna Muotka

4. Cross the country on skis

Okay, that might be a little ambitious. Just Lapland itself is bigger than Hungary. But from the early days of winter all the way until the last hurrahs of spring, you’ll find cross-country ski tracks around every neighborhood, connecting villages and towns. So strap on your skis and have fun exploring!

Photo by: Lapland Image | Janne Koskenniemi

5. Step inside a frozen world

You might be surprised when you step through the door and enter a building made entirely of ice and snow. It’s actually warmer than the air outside. The walls are carved into frescos and reliefs, and grand statues of ice, glowing with colored lights, bid you welcome.

A hotel room made of ice and snow at the Arctic Snowhotel, a Finnish Lapland filming location
Photo by: Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos

6. Skinny Dip in the Snow

Few things are more Finnish than the sauna. And after a sauna in mid-winter, the best thing to do is go for a skinny dip in a powdery snow bank. Your skin will steam, and you’ll hardly believe the sensations and thoughts that go through your mind when you’re covered head to toe in snowfluff.

skinny dipping under the northern lights
Photo by: Antti Pietikäinen

7. Toast the snow

And last, but not least, feel free to enjoy the snow from inside. Pop open a bottle of your favorite red wine or pour a cup of steaming coffee and sit by the window, and enjoy the snowflakes falling like angel feathers. Life doesn’t have to be a race, or a traffic jam, so remember to enjoy the quiet moments and beauty of a winter day in Lapland.

Enjoying the snow from the comfort of a warm home in Finnish Lapland, just one of the ways to have fun with snow
Photo by: Anna Muotka