Photo by: City of Kemi, Pentti Korpela

Kemi – Sustainable development and circular economy

Kemi is Lapland’s main logistics hub. This is made possible by the Port of Ajos, an airport, a railway line and major roads from Southern Finland all the way to Northern Norway.

The area is heavily focused on developing a biobased and circular economy. Kemi’s strong standing in the industrial sector offers myriad business and investment opportunities to a wide range of companies, and there is a demand for new operators in tourism, circular economy, industrial services, infrastructure and logistics, to name a few.

Kemi can provide skilled and experienced workforce for industry, and in particular workers familiar with the special characteristics of an Arctic operating environment, with new experts continuously being trained by Lapland University of Applied Sciences and Vocational College Lappia. These educational organizations provide businesses with diverse services, product development environments and laboratory facilities. In addition to this, Kemi’s Circular and Bioeconomy Center possesses knowledge and skills recognized throughout the country.

Kemi has two important tourist attractions: icebreaker Sampo and a year-round snow castle. In recent years, the amount of tourism has increased considerably, and the sector offers business opportunities for both new and existing operators.

In the summer, an award-winning sailing center and an old harbor serve as the residents’ living room, and a gorgeous archipelago awaits visitors just off the town’s shore.


  • Population: 19,991
  • Businesses: 949
  • Turnover of businesses in total: EUR 1.8 billion
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