Photo by: Harri Tarvainen

Muonio – Tourism and Arctic testing

Not only has it been shown that Muonio in Fell Lapland has happy people and the cleanest air in the populated world, but it is also a great place for business, such as tourism, well-being services and Arctic testing.

The location of Muonio at the intersection of national roads, at the national border and along the Torne and Muonio rivers is interesting from a business point of view. The airports in the neighbouring municipalities of Kittilä and Enontekiö and the railway station in Kolari are within easy access.

Muonio has a long tradition in automotive cold-weather testing. The conditions, the long natural snow season and the know-how are a good basis for testing in Arctic conditions, which is truly international. The Aurora Intelligent Road enables intelligent traffic experiments through infrastructure and information services. Muonio-based automotive testing excellence is represented by Lapland Proving Ground and Aurora Snowbox.

The development of tourism in Muonio has long been progressive. Companies in the tourism industry are investing at a steady pace, and new businesses are starting up. The municipality is making a success story of tourism, and its leading companies include Lapland Hotels and Harriniva Hotels & Safaris and their networks.

There is also the potential for business in the future. There is particular demand in well-being services, nature tourism and construction, which is in dire need of business operators in light of the acute housing shortage in the municipality and the municipality’s future real estate investments. Vocational College Lappia is a good asset, as it can quickly tailor education for the needs of the business.

Husky dog in Harriniva, Muonio
Church in Muonio

Our strong roots, traditions and solid business experience combine with innovative and smart development. We welcome new companies to the international and truly open Muonio!

Kaisa Kylä-Kaila, Municipality of Muonio


  • Population 2,321
  • Number of businesses 262
  • Turnover of businesses in total 123 million euros


  • Municipality of Muonio, Business Development Specialist Kaisa Kylä-Kaila 
  •, +358 (0)40 489 5153
  • Fell Lapland Development, Director Veli-Matti Hettula
  •, +358 (0)400 415 345
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