Ylläs skiresort gondola
Photo by: Markus Kiili, Lapland Material Bank

Kolari – Growth from nature

Kolari is an attractive tourism municipality in Fell Lapland that actively develops the operational environment for businesses. Kolari grows from nature!

Logistically, Kolari has an excellent position. Finland’s northernmost railway station and its raw wood terminal are located in the village, while an international airport is located in the neighbouring municipality of Kittilä. National road 21 goes through Kolari to Kilpisjärvi and all the way to Norway.

The international tourist center of Ylläs with its services and route network, as well as the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, drive local tourism. There is accommodation for up to 23,000 people in the hotels and cabins of Ylläs, and the national park has half a million annual visitors. Consequently, there is a large group of successful tourism businesses on Ylläs, and sizeable development projects are about to take place on the fell. In addition to the fell, Kolari will focus on developing fishing tourism along the Tornio-Muonio River.

In addition to the tourism industry, a small but feisty natural products industry is on the rise in Kolari. Development operations have been active and are starting to bear fruit. Now, the goal is to have a food center in the municipality to further strengthen business in the sector.

There are also ore resources in the municipality area. An iron, gold and copper mine is being planned in Hannukainen. Decisions regarding its launch will be made later.

Ylläs Ski resort summer
Photo by: Markus Kiili, Lapland Material Bank
Aerial image of Ylläs in winter
Photo by: Lapland Material Bank, Markus Kiili
Photo by: Pete Huttunen | Kolarin kunta / Leader Tunturi-Lappi ry


  • Population 3,985
  • Number of businesses 472
  • Turnover of businesses in total 137 million euros
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