Reindeer in the summer
Photo by: Lapland Material Bank, Anna-Leena Jänkälä

Savukoski – A developing wilderness municipality

Savukoski is a developing wilderness municipality in Eastern Lapland and the most scarcely populated area in Finland.

Savukoski’s greatest asset is its beautiful, clean and resource-rich nature. One-third of the area of the municipality consists of nature conservation areas, the best-known of which is surely the Urho Kekkonen National Park, which spreads into the neighboring municipalities. In the municipality, there’s also the Korvatunturi fell, the home of Santa Claus.

In addition to nature tourism, services and primary production, such as reindeer husbandry, are key business sectors in the municipality. Savukoski is also a fitting environment for cold testing, like drone testing.

If realized, the Sokli phosphate ore mine planned in the municipality area has been estimated to create around 2,000 jobs and plenty of subcontracting opportunities. Implementing the mine project requires developing the infrastructure of the area, as the ore would be transported by roads on trucks for further processing.


  • Population 1,008
  • Number of businesses 97
  • Turnover of businesses in total 29 million euros


  • The Municipality of Savukoski, business services
  • Director of Business and Rural Services Pinja Siivola
  •, +358(0) 401 790 955