Photo by: Municipality of Ylitornio

Ylitornio – A great place for people and businesses

Elements that make Ylitornio an attractive option for businesses include its location at an international border, the tourism and recreation areas of Aavasaksa and Ainiovaara, and the Torniojoki river.

Ylitornio’s geographical location offers good import, export and transport connections: Highway 21 and a railway line run through the municipality, a border crossing to Sweden is located near the town center, Kemi-Tornio Airport is only about an hour away and Rovaniemi Airport an hour and a half.

Among the region’s strengths is its industry. Precast concrete element manufacturer YBT Oy is one of the biggest companies in Ylitornio, in addition to which a dozen or so businesses have formed a metal cluster, operating as industry subcontractors. The municipality favours renewable forms of energy, and a number of wind power projects are being planned for the region. Furthermore, mining opportunities are being investigated.

Tourism in Ylitornio revolves mainly around the lakeside villages, as well as Aavasaksa and Ainiovaara’s holiday homes, restaurants, ski tracks, footpaths and skiing center. Aavasaksa’s ridge is famous for the midnight sun, the Midsummer Eve’s festivities and the historic Imperial Lodge (Keisarinmaja).