Saana fell in Kilpisjarvi Enontekio
Photo by: Luminous Finland 100/Christopfer Lund

Enontekiö – A place for your business on the border of three countries

Enontekiö is a scenic tourist municipality in Fell Lapland on the border between Finland, Norway, and Sweden. In addition to nature and landscapes, internationality is a big strength in business.

Enontekiö is located in northwestern Finland and has a 450 kilometre-long common border with Sweden and Norway. National road E8 runs through the municipality, leading all the way to the Norwegian coast. The Arctic airport in the municipality is a strength and it serves a lot of wintertime charter traffic in particular. Airports in Kittilä, Kiruna, and Tromsø also support accessibility.

Tourism is Enontekiö’s leading industry, having grown and offering new opportunities for business and investment. Unlike many municipalities in Lapland, summer tourism in Enontekiö is currently even bigger than winter tourism. There’s a great market opening for year-round tourism.

The wilderness areas of the municipality are sources of attraction with the highest fells in Finland, the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, and Kilpisjärvi. Indeed, Enontekiö is profiled as an ecologically sustainable option. Approximately 70 percent of the surface area of Enontekiö consists of protected areas, and Enontekiö was the first municipality in Lapland to become a member of the Carbon Neutral Municipalities network.

In the wake of tourism, the municipality is developing reindeer herding and natural industries, services and small-scale processing operations. Enontekiö is also a great environment for Arctic research.

In Kilpisjärvi, the bottleneck for tourism in Lapland– the summer– has already been dealt with. Now, there is a need for tourism operators who can sell the winter of Lapland. The proximity of Tromsø and Alta also offers unique opportunities for professionals skilled in languages.


  • Population: 1,787
  • Businesses: 184
  • Turnover of businesses in total: €57 million


  • Municipality of Enontekiö
  • Office and Event Secretary Sirpa Mannela
  • tel. +358 (0)400 716 908
  • Enontekiö Lapland