Pentik Gallery in Posio

Posio – Ceramics, clear fishing waters and wilderness

Posio offers opportunities for a wide range of business activities from tourism to timber processing and ore exploration.

Posio is located in southern Lapland, close to both Kuusamo and Rovaniemi with their international airports. The train can take you to Kemijärvi, just over 100 km away from Posio.

Tourism entrepreneurs work in close cooperation in Posio. A new tourist center focusing on luxury tourism is under construction, and new hiking and cultural routes are being planned. Tourism entrepreneurs are welcome to take advantage of the wilderness nature and the entrepreneur network investing in sustainable development.

Primary production is a strong livelihood in Posio, and thus the further processing of food and natural products offers interesting business opportunities. Posio is a great place for a professional fisher, for example, because the facilities and equipment for further processing are already in place.

Industrial business opportunities can be found in mechanical timber processing, for example, with facilities, skilled labor and vast raw material resources nearby. In addition, the various subcontracting needs of timber processing and ore exploration companies offer business potential.

Pentik factory in Posio

Posio brings benefits to existing and new entrepreneurs through the small municipality’s knowledgeable and committed business team that actively develops a framework for business development.

Veli-Matti Ruotsalainen, Municipality of Posio


  • Population 3 240
  • Number of businesses 285 
  • Turnover of businesses in total 73 million euros


  • Municipality of Posio
  • Business Developer Veli-Matti Ruotsalainen 
  •, +358 (0)40 8012205