Tervola agriculture, tractor in the field
Photo by: Municipality of Tervola

Tervola – Business success from forests and land

Rural Tervola, by the Kemijoki river, offers growth potential in services and biobased economy.

Tervola is located between Rovaniemi and Kemi, on Highway 4. Kemi-Tornio Airport is only 30 minutes away, and Rovaniemi Airport can be reached in an hour.

In addition to services, Tervola’s biggest business sectors include biobased economy and, more specifically, agriculture, forestry and wood processing. One of the main companies in the wood processing sector, Veljekset Vaara, is among those currently investing in expanding their operations in Tervola.

The beautiful riverside scenery, rural landscapes and Kätkävaara hill afford opportunities to develop tourism. One of Tervola’s key projects is Westside—a site being developed into an attractive, carbon-neutral residential and commercial area and a tourist destination.


  • Population: 2,882
  • Businesses: 280
  • Turnover of businesses in total: EUR 124 million
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